Thursday, Mai 7th

09:00 Welcome, Thomas Klockgether (DZNE) and Michael Heneka

Plenary Talk

09:15 Bruce Lamb, Cleveland: The Role of Innate Immunity in Alzheimer's Disease

Session 1: Brain Injury

10:00 Linda van Eldik, Lexington:  Immune mechanisms in diffuse brain injury

10:30 coffee break

11:00 Magdalena Götz, Munich: Phylogeny of reactive gliosis and scar formation
11:30 Phillip Popovic, Columbus: Neuroimmunologic consequences of traumatic
spinal cord injury

12:00 lunch, poster session 1

Session 2: Neuroinflammation

13:15 Edith Hamel, Montreal:  Cerebrovascular dysfunction and inflammation
13:45 Frank Heppner, Berlin: Cytokine function in Alzheimer ́s disease

14:15 coffee break

14:45 Cynthia Lemere, Boston: Complement activation in AD
15:15 Gary Landreth, Cleveland: Phagocytosis in TREM2+ macrophages in AD
15:45 Marco Colonna, St. Louis: Trem2 function in microglia
16:15 Daniel Lee, Tampa: Inflammation and tau pathology

Session 3: System to Brain

16:45 Jessica Teeling, Southampton: The impact of low grade systemic inflammation on the brain

19:00 social event (by invitation only)

Friday, Mai 8th

Plenary Talk

09:00 Wenbiao Gan, New York:  Microglia function in synapse formation

Session 3: Microglia

09:45 Jennifer Pocock, London: Microglial neurotransmitter receptors

10:15 coffee break

10:45 Florent Ginhoux, Singapore: Ontogeny and differentiation of microglia
11:15 Marina Lynch, Dublin:  Inflammation and ATP
11:45 Knut Biber, Freiburg: Microglia-neuron toxicity

12:15 lunch, poster session 2

13:45 Katrin Andreasson, Stanford: EP receptor biology
14:15 Carl Cotman, Irvine: Inflammation and neuronal autophagy
14:45 Kerry O’Banion, Rochester: Microglial phenotype in IL­1 plaque clearance
15:15 Alon Monsonego, Be'er­ Sheva: Microglial changes with aging and amyloid deposition

15:45 coffee break

Session 6: Clinical Implications

16:15 Tarek Sharshar, Paris:  Sepsis and acute neurodysfunction
16:45 Clive Holmes, Southampton:  Modulation of systemic inflammation in AD
17:15 Jonathan Kipnis, Charlottesville: Microglia and Rett syndrome

Saturday, May 9th

Plenary Talk

09:00 Vishwa Dixit, New Haven: Aging and neuroinflammation

Session 7: Astrocytes and Neurodegeneration

09:45 Elly Hol, Utrecht:  Molecular and functional changes in AD astrocytes

10:15 coffee break

10:45 Elena Galea, Barcelona: Astrocytes as therapeutic target

Session 8: Physiological functions of immune cells in the brain

11:15 Marie-Ève Tremblay, Québec:  Interaction between microglia and neurons
11:45 Todd Golde, Gainesville: Harnessing innate immunity to treat brain disease

11:45 lunch, poster session 3, at the end award of the poster prices in the lecture hall

13:30 Terrence Town, Los Angeles: The role of cerebral innate immunity in AD
14:00 Kim Green, Irvine: Eliminating microglia in models of brain disease

Session 9: Evolving Techniques

14:30 Milos Pekny, Lund: 3D cell culture
15:00 Joachim Schultze, Bonn : Profiling microglia and macrophages: more than M1/M2
15:30 Richard Ransohoff, Boston: Closing remarks