The Clinical Neuroscience
Unit is a neuroscience
laboratory at the
Neurological Clinic
of the University of Bonn.

It is headed by
Prof. Dr. Michael. T.


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Phone: 0228 287-13091


University Hospital Bonn
Clinic and Polyclinic
for Neurology
Clinical Neuroscience
Sigmund-Freud-Straße 25
53127 Bonn, Germany

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Thursday, February 28th

09:00    Welcome, Markus Nöthen (Vice Dean)
09:10    Opening remarks, Michael Heneka

Cluster ImmunoSensation Plenary Talk
09:15    Charles Dinarello, Boulder: Interleukin 1-β in the CNS

Session 1: Inflammasome
10:00    Douglas Golenbock, Boston: Inflammasome in cerebral malaria 
10:30    coffee break
11:00    Mari Shinohara, Durham: NLRP3 inflammasome and EAE
11:30    Nikolaus Deigendesch, Berlin: Inflammasome and ALS 
12:00    lunch, poster session 1

Session 2: Neuroinflammation
13:15    Nicolas Bazan, New Orleans: Neuroprotectin D1 
13:45    Javier Vitorica, Sevilla: Influence of age on microglial phenotypes 
14:15    coffee break
14:45    Sally Frautschy, Los Angeles: Curcumin effects on neuroinflammation in APP and tau models 
15:15    Dave Morgan, Tampa: Vaccination in AD 
15:45    Terrence Town, Yale: Innate immunity in Alzheimer pathobiology 

18:30    social event (by invitation only)

Friday, March 1st

Plenary Talk
09:00    Richard Ransohoff, Cleveland: Central and peripheal contribution of  inflammation to neurological disease

Session 3: Microglia
09:45    Joseph El Khoury, Boston: CD36 in Aβ phagocytosis
10:15    coffee break
10:45    Bertrand Joseph, Stockholm: Caspase-3 in microglia
11:15    Monica Carson, Riverside: Microglia and macrophages in inflammation
11:45    Guy Brown, Cambridge: Microglia degradation of neurons

12:15    lunch, poster session 2

13:45    Jari Koistinaho, Kuopio: Astrocytic uptake of Aβ in Alzheimer's disease
14:15    Erik Boddeke, Groningen: Microglial phenotype diversity
14:45    Bente Finsen, Odense: Protective Role of microglial derived cytokines

Session 4: Technical Notes
15:15    Andreas Jacobs, Münster: Microglia imaging experimental
15:45    coffee break
16:15    David Brooks, London: Microglial imaging human
16:45    Olga Garaschuk, Tübingen: High resolution in vivo-imaging of microglia

Session 5: ApoE

17:15    Greg Cole, Los Angeles: DHA effects on neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration in Aβ models and the interactions with ApoE allele

Saturday, March 2st

Plenary Talk
09:00    Karl Herrup, Hong Kong: Neuroinflammation as the trigger for unscheduled cell cycle re-entry of post-mitotic neurons

Session 5: ApoE
09:45    Gary Landreth, Cleveland: ApoE modulation by nuclear hormone receptors

Session 6: Neurodegeneration
10:15    Tony Wyss-Corey, Palo Alto: Profiling of biomarker in AD
10:45    coffee break
11:15    Clive Holmes, Southampton: Systemic inflammation and its role for neurodegenerative disease
11:45    Koji Yamanaka, Saitama: Glial cells in experimental models of ALS

12:15    lunch, poster session 3

13:30    John Breitner, Québec: Inflammation, anti-inflammatory treatments and AD: Is timing really "everything"?

Session 7: Astrocytes

14:00    Alex Verkrathsky, Manchester: Astrocytes in Alzheimer´s disease
14:30    Douglas Feinstein, Chicago: Novel targets of dimethyl fumarte in glial cells

15:00    Hugh Perry, Southampton: Closing remarks